A little backstory.

2011. The first time I meet the Pastor of the Church. I had rented their sanctuary space for my retreat and as has become my custom, I was staying on the property in what we now call the Retreat House. For some reason, I thought the Pastor had gone out of town and so I decided it was a fine time to work on one of my new characters for an upcoming show…
I’m wearing a black bra, shorts, bright red wig, a dog collar, had blacked out my teeth with paint, and tied myself in that dog collar to a chain wrapped around the front porch. 
I had hidden a video camera in the bushes and was doing my “work,” aka improvising and yes, creating new material getting in my zone. I was not holding back as I hollered at the camera in full character voice, “You left me tied up in the yard!” 
Of course, just then the supposedly out-of-town Pastor returns and sees me chained up and hollering. I could see he was a bit freaked out (understatement) and possibly regretting his decision to have me as a renter (not an understatement). I quickly explained to him that I was working on a new character for my show…I don’t know if he believed me or not, but he took my hands in his, looked into my eyes  and said, “We welcome all kinds.”  That was 6 years ago and I knew in that moment, I had found home.

Ann Randolph