Ann Randolph is renowned as a playwright and performer, sought-after keynote speaker, and beloved teacher as she shares her own truth and ignites audiences to speak their own.

Ann has amassed over 20,000 hours of time on stage, including 6 of her own autobiographical solo shows which have garnered awards across the country.



LOVELAND, one of Ann's current solo shows, played for two years straight in San Francisco where it won the SF Weekly Award for Best Solo Show and garnered the SF Bay Critic’s Award for Best Original Script.  LOVELAND was also produced by the Arena Stage in Washington DC along with a ground-breaking, interactive, post-show writing workshop on grief and loss.  This unique and transformative theatrical experience came as Ann's creative response to week after week having audience members wait in the lobby to share with her their own stories of loss and grief.  The success of both the show and writing workshop were unparalleled as Ann went on to perform 8 shows a week, 6 weeks in a row, offering the post-show writing workshop every time.

SQUEEZE BOX, Ann's previous solo  show, was produced by Mel Brooks and the late Anne Bancroft and enjoyed a successful Off-Broadway run before touring the United States and headlining at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  SQUEEZE BOX garnered both the Los Angeles Ovation Award and the LA Weekly Award for Best Solo Show.  Other solo works include DOWN HOME, SHELTER, and MISS AMERICA for which she won the LA Weekly Award for Best Solo Performer. 



Ann and her work have been featured on NPR, PBS, BBC, and in the New York Times, Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, Wall Street Journal, Time Out New York, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Minneapolis Tribune, Cincinnati Enquirer and the San Francisco Chronicle.



A favorite spoken word artist, Ann has won the LA Moth and been a regular on LA’s long running Spoken Word SeriesTasty WordsSPARK, and Gorgeous Stories.   

As  a sketch artist, Ann has performed her original material in countless comedy shows - the GroundlingsBob’s Office Party, the Rudy Casoni Show, and the Midnight Show alongside fellow comedians Will Ferrell, Kat Williams, Cheri Oteri, Maria Bamford, Drew Hastings, Mo Collins, Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant (creators of Reno 911).

A member of the WGA, Ann has written scripts for Gullane Pictures, Lifetime TV, Brooksfilms, PAX,  and Klasky Csupo, in addition to writing the series pilot for IF THE SHOW FITS, WEAR IT with renowned rapper, Master P.



From any stage, whether performing, presenting, or teaching, Ann brings passion to her work that unleashes a sense of purpose in life and inspires a drive to follow your own path, tape the power of your own personal story, and find a voice to tell it out loud. She is masterful in helping others discover their uniquely powerful stories and to bring them to life on the page and the stage.


Ann has presented at numerous colleges, summits, and Fortune 500 conferences - Success 3.0, Psychology Networker Conference, Esalen 50th Anniversary Gala, Kripalu, the Omega Institute, NYU, UMNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine, Funny Biz Conference, and the Get Storied Conference.  Her workshops are offered in cities across the US with annual stops at some of the most well-known body-mind-spirit centers, and she regularly shares the stage to teach and present with fellow master teachers, business leaders, and artists including Ken Wilbur, Alanis Morrisette, Michael Franti, Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Gray, John Mackey, Will Ferrell, Maria Bamford, Mo Collins, Reverend Michael Beckwith and hundreds more.  

"She's a genius." - Mel Brooks


Ann's Latest work

In Ann’s most recent solo-show, “Inappropriate in All the Right Ways”, Ann demonstrates how break-downs lead to to break-throughs.  Ann has chosen to share her “yays” and “boos” with every audience all over the world, proving that when you embrace both the sacred and the profane, the triumphs and the failure, you can discover the unstoppable, creative force that IS YOU.  “Inappropriate in All the Right Ways” ignites audiences with the power of resilience, perseverance, serendipity and creativity.  Ann Randolph brilliantly delivers her astonishing life story of extremes from working and living in mental institutions and homeless shelters, all the way to gaining Mel Brooks as a major fan and partner in the Broadway production of one of her first solo shows, “Squeeze Box”.  

Using her trademark combo of wit and wisdom, Ann reveals herself as never before in hilariously unconventional one-woman show; she is no longer chasing the next big thing, but instead discovering the present moment as it is right now.  Ann’s willingness to be on stage with such deep allowing of her own personal story gives us as the audience permission to speak our truth. Audience members are even invited to participate and take the stage, share their own raw, messy, painful, vulnerable, joyous truths in an unforgettable interactive theatrical experience. As The Huffington Post reviews, it is “A show like no other. Part stand-up hilarity, part therapy and 100%fun.”


UNlocked Interview with ellen fondiler

This is an excerpt of a fun interview conducted by acclaimed business strategist and career coach Ellen Fondiler... 

EF: How did you become a storyteller and performer?

AR: As a little kid I would impersonate different people. In college, I needed to get a job and there was this mental hospital. They told me they didn’t have any jobs available. But every semester, they let six college students live there—with free room and board—if they’re studying Psychology.  And I go, “I’m not studying Psychology, but I could write plays for the patients.” They said, “You can move in.”

EF: Being a professional writer/performer is rarely an "easy" road.  Where does your "grit" to keep going come from?

AR: I’ve had a lot of successes and also a lot of failures. Each failure made me more fearless. Each time I got knocked down, it gave me something deep and gritty to write about. It gave me more courage, too. At a certain point, you’re like, “What have I got to lose?”

EF: Aside from getting recharged by french fries and forests... who are your personal heroes and role models? Who inspires you?

AR: I have so many. Astor Piazzolla, an Argentinian jazz tango artist. His music inspires me. Carol Burnett, definitely. As a kid, Pippi Longstocking.

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